K-Pop Ults and Bias Lists

Okay so if you are k-pop stan or you’re in stan twitter in general, you’ll 99% have a bias thread that lists all of your biases from the groups you like. Bias lists change often and a lot of the times, biases are bumped up and down, shifted and moved around often. While it is completely okay to do so, what is not okay is attacking someone for changing biases. 

Both myself and people that I know have been attacked for moving around some of our ults to semi ults/regulars. I do not get the reasoning behind it, as it does not concern you or your own bias list. If we want to move around some people, that’s out decision. I once had 5+ ults in my thread, but I moved a lot of them to semis because I felt like the feelings were no longer strong enough to consider them as ults. 

My current ults thread is as follows: 

1. Yuta Nakamoto – NCT

2. Joshua Hong – Seventeen

3. Bae Yoobin (Binnie) – Oh My Girl 

4. Sana Minatozaki – Twice 

I am not sure if it will continue to be like this, but this is how it looks right now. Although I love them all, I do believe that Yuta is the biggest ult for the guys, and Binnie is the biggest ult for the girls. Before, the biggest ult for the boys was Joshua, and the biggest ult for the girls was Yongsun (Solar) from Mamamoo. I dropped Mamamoo after the blackface incident because it offended a lot of people. Although they apologized for it, I still don’t think I could look at them the same way ever again. 

Anyways, back to ults. 

Never let anyone tell you who you should and should not ult. It’s your decision and they shouldn’t make you feel like shit for moving them around. be yourself and just do your own thing 🙂 


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