Infused Water

Okay so I’m that girl who loves to infuse her water with other things like cucumbers, lemon, and other fruits. But there was only one problem – I didn’t have a big enough bottle to fit everything in. So I did a thing and bought myself one of those glass mason jar like things (with a handle) so that I had a bottle for my water 😀 I’m so happy because I can see all the colourful fruits I put in

I’m really trying to drink more water again. Before my little accident in which I fractured my elbow, I was really bad and drank a lot of pop while at work, all that sugar intake was just my body’s response to all the stress I’ve accrued due to so many factors. But now I am trying to get myself back on track. I’m trying to limit snacking (or at least pack healthier snacks) and limiting my carb intake. When I go to work, I will purposely get off at the stop before mine and walk to get my excursive during the week (10 minutes in the morning, 5-7 minutes on the way back). I will go for my usual 1hr on the weekends. Maybe I’ll start zumba again too. 

What I love about infused water is that it tastes incredible and it makes you want to drink more. The cucumbers especially give a nice refreshing flavour, and that gets enhanced with the lemon and strawberry. I hope that I can soon add other berries too, to make it even more flavourful 😀 Mmm, I think I’ll be making this more often to keep my body hydrated and my skin soft and supple. ahhh omg


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