Things To Keep In Your Purse

You knew I was gonna write something like this, didn’t you? Well, here it is, the classic “what to keep in your purse” post. My bag is like my home that I take everywhere with me, hence why I prefer bigger bags so I can put everything IN it. The only time I use smaller bags is when I go to a relative’s house or just running errands. Anyways, without further ado, here is Mandy’s list of things to keep in your purse / bag:

  1. Wallet with emergency cash – especially if the debit machine is down – again.
  2. Small umbrella – don’t let Mother Nature pull a fast one on you.
  3. Feminine product of your choice- BECAUSE YOU NEVER KNOW. Also bring an extra.
  4. Phone charger / portable charger – for those 1% GET TO THA CHAGAAA moments.
  5. Hand sanitzer – I prefer not to have you sneeze in your hand and touch the bus pole tyvm…
  6. Mints / gum – No smelliness here!
  7. Hair ties / bobby pins – to tame that one strand of hair THATWILL NOT STAY PUT.
  8. A snack – or fear a very hangry Mandy. I like keeping an apple or sesame snaps on hand.
  9.  Keys
  10.  Hand lotion / chapstick – to keep dat skin / lips lookin good. PROTECT YO SELF
  11. A pen / small notebook – to give Tony the cute barista your number – or he gives you his digits. Y’all know what I mean! Also so you can scribble directions for a stranger
  12. Small medicine bottle with Advil / Aspirin – headaches are annoying.
  13. A lucky charm – I have a photo of NCT’s Yuta in my wallet yo…no regrets.
  14. Small pack of tissues – for colds, accidental spills, etc.
  15. Small hair brush – goes hand in hand with # 7
  16. Face wipes – to get rid of excess grease on your face
  17. Small make up bag – just the basics will do
  18. Your phone – this one is self explanatory
  19. Earphones – to listen to your tunes.
  20. Bandaids / polysporin – papercuts… OWIE

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