Room Decorating

I’ve spent my weekend re arranging and decorating my room. I wanted to upgrade it from late teens – early twenties to late twenties and up. I still left a couple of my posters but for the most part I have taken those down and replaced them with string LED lights instead. Then, I completely cleaned out my desk and rearranged everything, followed by my book case / shelf. my dresser consists partly of my jewelery (the necklaces are hanging on my wall on hooks) and hair pieces (those are tucked in a drawer).

On top of my dresser is my table mirror, body lotion and lamp, along with all of my makeup in a box to organize. Beside that is my makeup remover and makeup brushes. Eventually I want to . get a vanity desk / dressing table and drape some lights around the mirror because it will help with my makeup application.

I moved my bed so that it is in the center of my room and on the left hand side is my night table with my lamp, landline phone and my electronic things. I think there are other things I want to move around and re arrange but I might do that next weekend. I think the set up right now is fine, but we will see how everything will turn out in the end.

I of course want to get more lights to put around my room to make it even more comfortable, and relaxing. I find the lights really relax me and help me clear my mind. It also gives off a “spa” type of vibe – I really like it 🙂









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