You know how every year everyone has a New Years Resolution? I am no different, except I started my New Years Resolution about a month in advance. It all started after a visit to my doctor for a physical. I wanted some advice on how I could lose some weight and in general feel more happy with myself. She showed me how to select foods that were better for me, and what kinds of exercises would help me lose fat. Because I like dancing, I chose Dance Dance Revolution as a way to burn calories (and by also watching my portions). I have an xbox 360 so I hooked up a dance mat and started stomping around XD

Honestly I think it’s easy to stay motivated and stick to your goals if you pick a workout that you enjoy. Don’t like cardio and would rather weight train? Go for it! Prefer cardio? That’s good too. Of course it’s always best to consult a physician or doctor before you start any kind of fitness regime so that you know that you’re on the right track.

Update: Today I went jeans shopping to test to see if I had lost any weight (and because I needed new jeans) and was surprised to find that I was able to fit into my old size 10 /11 rather than 12 / 13 (I put on a lot of weight in my hips in the past, so naturally that part would have been bigger than the rest). This is my type of downsizing, if you get my drift. I’m hoping to slim down even more, so I’m staying motivated and dedicated to working out and eating well.

I started off at 194lbs at my heaviest, and then dropped down to 183lbs within the last month. I am truly excited to keep this going. Even my mood started to improve after I started this. Before I used to stress a lot which caused me to eat more. I also was hanging on to a friendship that was negatively impacting me. After letting go of this person, I was able to start focusing on myself and my wellbeing. I was sleeping more and even felt more energized in the morning before starting my day. I made healthier breakfast choices (instead of a bagel almost every morning) and I felt more at peace.

This year is my year.



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