Infused Water

Okay so I’m that girl who loves to infuse her water with other things like cucumbers, lemon, and other fruits. But there was only one problem – I didn’t have a big enough bottle to fit everything in. So I did a thing and bought myself one of those glass mason jar like things (with a handle) so that I had a bottle for my water 😀 I’m so happy because I can see all the colourful fruits I put in

I’m really trying to drink more water again. Before my little accident in which I fractured my elbow, I was really bad and drank a lot of pop while at work, all that sugar intake was just my body’s response to all the stress I’ve accrued due to so many factors. But now I am trying to get myself back on track. I’m trying to limit snacking (or at least pack healthier snacks) and limiting my carb intake. When I go to work, I will purposely get off at the stop before mine and walk to get my excursive during the week (10 minutes in the morning, 5-7 minutes on the way back). I will go for my usual 1hr on the weekends. Maybe I’ll start zumba again too. 

What I love about infused water is that it tastes incredible and it makes you want to drink more. The cucumbers especially give a nice refreshing flavour, and that gets enhanced with the lemon and strawberry. I hope that I can soon add other berries too, to make it even more flavourful 😀 Mmm, I think I’ll be making this more often to keep my body hydrated and my skin soft and supple. ahhh omg



I was always one of those people that wanted a necklace with their name on it, but could never find one so when I discovered MyNameNecklace[dot]com, I was really excited. They custom make you a necklace, ring or any other piece of jewelry that you would like, inscribed with your name on it.

The chain lengths are 14″ , 16″ and 18″ and you can choose the font for your name. They offer sterling silver, rose gold and gold, depending on your preference. I went with a classic sterling silver necklace with a 16″ chain in the CARRIE style. Carrie is a reference to the Sex and the City character Carrie Bradshaw (played by Sarah Jessica Parker) as she was known to wear one of those necklaces. I think this was how the whole trend started as well. 

At first I was a little worried because of the negative reviews I’ve seen, but I decided I would give them a chance and see. I am very happy with how quickly I got my necklace (I chose express shipping) and was delighted to see how pretty it turned out. I just hope it doesn’t change colour or tarnish because it was kinda expensive and I don’t want to have to buy another one :/ 

Any who, please consider giving these guys a try. If you are not happy with them afterwards, then by all means don’t shop with them. But for me personally I am satisfied with my purchase and perhaps will consider them again.


K-Pop Ults and Bias Lists

Okay so if you are k-pop stan or you’re in stan twitter in general, you’ll 99% have a bias thread that lists all of your biases from the groups you like. Bias lists change often and a lot of the times, biases are bumped up and down, shifted and moved around often. While it is completely okay to do so, what is not okay is attacking someone for changing biases. 

Both myself and people that I know have been attacked for moving around some of our ults to semi ults/regulars. I do not get the reasoning behind it, as it does not concern you or your own bias list. If we want to move around some people, that’s out decision. I once had 5+ ults in my thread, but I moved a lot of them to semis because I felt like the feelings were no longer strong enough to consider them as ults. 

My current ults thread is as follows: 

1. Yuta Nakamoto – NCT

2. Joshua Hong – Seventeen

3. Bae Yoobin (Binnie) – Oh My Girl 

4. Sana Minatozaki – Twice 

I am not sure if it will continue to be like this, but this is how it looks right now. Although I love them all, I do believe that Yuta is the biggest ult for the guys, and Binnie is the biggest ult for the girls. Before, the biggest ult for the boys was Joshua, and the biggest ult for the girls was Yongsun (Solar) from Mamamoo. I dropped Mamamoo after the blackface incident because it offended a lot of people. Although they apologized for it, I still don’t think I could look at them the same way ever again. 

Anyways, back to ults. 

Never let anyone tell you who you should and should not ult. It’s your decision and they shouldn’t make you feel like shit for moving them around. be yourself and just do your own thing 🙂 



Ahh okay where do I start? Let’s say I had a wordpress account before, but I kinda just stopped using it. I get it doesn’t make sense to start a new blog if I had just deleted my old one. But then again, I kinda miss having a wordpress site so I am going to try again and see how it goes.

Honestly, I want to try blogging again, I haven’t had the time to do it due to work and my injury, but now I am going to try going back to get into the groove. I really want to do this, so I am gonna try and stay motivated.